Apps to organise your life

Opt for and App – Organising your life

I love technology. Not for the sake of it but rather because it can make our life easier, more fun and pleasurable.

However, technology has driven us to the brink of information overload and the anxiety it brings. Do I know what I need to know? Am I missing a piece of information crucial for my work?

So the challenge is to organise our lives and the information we receive in a way that does not drive us to reach for the gun the rope in our desk drawer?

Evernote and Springpad
These apps do just that.

Their features are:

  • Web clippings (from online information you wish to revisit later)
  • Voice and text memos
  • Receipts
  • Photos
  • Maps
  • Lists: shopping, ideas, tasks, things to remember
  • All this accessible from your PC, laptop, smart phones and store in the cloud (remotely, outside your hard drive)
  • Let you capture information on a computer using a web browser or on a mobile device—and they both make stored notes easy to find it later.

The differences:

1. Cost

  • Evernote is free up to 60MB upload a month whereas Springpad is free and has no cap but is advertising supported.

2. Use of the notes

  • Springpad enhances your notes with relevant information;
  • Evernote stores and categorise them.

3. Platforms

  • Evernote works with Windows, Mac and smart phone;
  • Springpad is a Web and smart phone service.


I now use Springpad. I love the interface. I find it more in line with my way of working or organising things. But I used to use Evernote and loved too. It just comes down to personal preference.

In Springpad, I have the following folders: family & friends, work, ideas (gifts, business, crazy ideas!), leisure, android, domestic matters, recipes.

Family and friends includes dates for birthdays, any note related to them, present they have given me, things I have borrowed from them or to them;

Work includes links related to work, task list, people to contact, addresses and contact to enter in my contact manager, photos of receipts, etc.

Domestic matters is where I keep my instruction manuals, I download them off the manufacturer’s website as soon as I buy something new. Photos of furnishing of items I like for future reference, you get the gist 🙂

Ideas is the folder that usually has voice memos. I put there evrything i need to keep safe for future reference.

Leisure is my favorite. I file my bar code scans of books, films I want to see, fun places to visit, restaurants, etc.

Android has its own folder, I am a fortunate AA Member (Android Anonymous). There, I specify apps to try, articles on android, google, phones technology trends, android features to explore…

I almost forgot Blog! just to put there links, ideas for this blog 😉

This is how it works in action:

And, to try to be fair to this mighty App too: Evernote Tutorial (should give you some ideas how these apps can help you organise your life!)


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