Saving battery on the Android phone

I love my HTC but how do I make sure I do not run out of juice when I have no access to a power point? I have been researching this for some time and I’ve gathered some valuable tips.

Checking what drains the battery the most

I chatted to my girlfriend today for some time so I had calls at the top, then Wi-Fi, Optimize Tool Box (an App I’ve installed). That is for today.  Then the usual suspects: Phone Idle, standby, etc.

I guess if one of the open applications drained the battery, it would show there, so it is useful. It also tells me how I use my phone. I use Wi-Fi a lot at home so on the days I spend at home, Wi-Fi is near the top of this list.


Dim the screen brightness (Settings/Display/brightness)

Mine is quite low and I readjust to maximum brightness if I need my phone outside. Then I revert to a lower setting when I no longer need too much brightness.

Auto turn off

If the display uses a lot of power, the next logical step is to lower the screen timeout value so that the device turns itself off quickly. (also in Settings/Display/Brightness)

Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS and network

Wi-Fi allows quick access to data, but it is also a big drain on the battery. Turn it off when it is no longer needed, or if you go out (Settings/Wireless & networks/Wi-Fi). Or use a widget. Same goes for Bluetooth (Settings/Wireless & networks/Bluetooth).

To disable everything all wireless and network, use Airplane mode (Settings/Wireless & networks/Airplane mode).

That’s what I use in meetings, at the cinema or if I want to save my battery. It means, I get no , emails, etc. But sometimes, it is good to live without these interruptions.You can easily toggle the Wi-Fi on or off with a widget or use the built-in widget included in Android phones.

The Power Widget allows you to do all this very simply. These steps are the most obvious battery savers. It also includes sync which is another battery drainer, especially if you sync data at short intervals. To change this, go to your Email application (Account/Account settings/Email check Frequency). You can even set it up to never and sync as and when. I understand it is the same principle for other applications such as Facebook, Twitter.

 Task Manager to check what is running in the background and kill what you do not need (Settings/Applications/Manage Applications).

Obvious but makes a difference: Remove applications you do not need

Settings/Applications/Manage Applications and then click the Uninstall button for each app you do not need anymore.

Disable Home Screen Widgets You Don’t Need, Disable Animated Wallpaper and the Vibrate option.

Check out the Power Saver feature. It will dim your screen when the battery runs low. All customisable: Settings/Power.

Other tips that really work for me 😉

  • Turn your phone down if you do not use it and expect no important call or email;
  • Buy a car phone charger, they can be bought for near to nothing these days;
  • Buy a second battery and keep it with you at all time, fully charged!

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