How to Use an Old Smartphone?

How to Use an Old Smartphone?

The obvious one is using an old Smartphone as a spare phone, for yourself, a family member or a friend (you may wish to get rid of your personal information first!). Phones can be repaired, misplaced, lost, stolen or faulty so it is a good idea to have a reliable spare. I usually bring my spare with me on travels, holidays or short breaks. I would not like to have no phone for a few days in an unfamiliar place, remote location. Makes me wonder how we used to cope before they came along!

Other uses:
•    A Skype handset
•    A messaging device (use wifi  with your usual messenger)
•    A dedicated GPS
•    Turn your smartphone into a portable gaming device
•    A media remote control
•    Experiment, have fun with a new rom or even a new operating system
•    A spare small camera
•    A spare or a dedicated MP3/FM Radio/video viewer
•    A gaming station – saves the battery of your current phone 😉
•    An eReader
•    A back up for your current phone


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