Sewing projects using fabric scraps

Lavender Small bag

Three small lavender bags You will need:

• Oddments Or Gingham Cotton Fabric
• Matching Thread
• Ribbon
• Satin Flowers
• Dried Lavender Heads

How to do it:

Cut out two oblong pieces of fabric approx 18cm/7in long x 12cm/5in wide. This includes a 1cm/ 1/4in minimum seam allowance. With right sides of the fabric facing, pin and then and hand-sew in backstitch, or machine stitch around two long sides and one short side.

Turn the bag inside out and push a blunt pencil or similar instrument into the corners to shape them into right angles. Make a neat hem of the top opening by folding the fabric under twice and hemstitch or blindstitch around. Iron the bag. Carefully pour the dried lavender inside the bag until two thirds full. Do not overfill. Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 30cm/11.5in long and tie it securely around the bag in a knot or bow.

You can harvest your own lavender by cutting the flowering heads, tying the ends together and hanging them upside down. Put a paper bag or cloth around the heads to catch the flowers. When they are dry strip the stems with your fingers, over a bowl. Dried lavender heads are readily available through the internet.

Sew appliquéd egg cosies

Choose different-coloured trimming for each family member

appliqued egg cosies to sew

Enlarge template to approx 13cm high. Cut two egg-cosy pieces each from plain fabric, polyester wadding and printed fabric.

Trace heart on to Bondaweb. Iron on to reverse of printed fabric and cut out. Iron heart on to one egg-cosy piece and zigzag stitch in place.

Cut a 3.5cm x 8cm strip from printed fabric for loop. Press under 5mm along both long edges, fold in half lengthwise and stitch. Fold to form loop. Tack to top of one egg cosy.

Tack wadding to wrong side of egg-cosy pieces. With right sides facing, stitch egg cosies together, taking 1cm seam allowances. Repeat for lining, leaving gap for turning through. With right sides facing, stitch lining to egg cosy around lower edge. Turn right side out. Sew up gap in lining and tuck inside egg cosy.


Feature: Kirsty Robertson. Photo: Richard Burns. Illustrations: Terry Evans 

Sew a patchwork pin cushion

Even the tiniest scraps of fabric can be used to make a useful gift

Patchwork pin cushion to sew

Cut out one 12cm square of fabric for the base and four 7cm squares for the top (includes 1cm seam allowances). Stitch two small squares together. Press seam allowances open. Repeat for remaining squares. Stitch the two strips together, then press seam allowances open. Stitch to base, right sides together, leaving a gap for turning through. Trim seams to 5mm, turn through to right side and press. Fill with polyester toy stuffing and sew up gap in stitching. Sew a button right through centre of pincushion, pulling thread tight to indent centre. 



Sew pretty heart keyrings

Use oddments of lovely fabrics to make these simple heart key rings.

Two padded keyrings

To make:

Enlarge template to about 9.5cm high. Cut out two heart shapes from linen. Cut an 8cm length of velvet ribbon and thread through a keyring. Place heart shapes right sides together and sandwich the ends of the velvet ribbon between the hearts, pin in place.

Stitch all around outer edge, taking 1cm seam allowance and leaving gap in side for turning through. Trim, turn right sides out, press and fill with polyester toy filling. Sew up gap in stitching. Tie the velvet ribbon in a bow and stitch to centre of heart. Sew a heart-shaped button on to the plain fabric heart.


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