Title: A Moonlight Walk to Paradise

Author: Jacob, Frederick, Fontanilla
Publisher: Smashwords
Language: English
Subjects: Fiction, Romance, Literature and drama
Collection: Erotic Fiction

Description: “There are certain moments in an individual’s life that makes them pause for a while and fall in a deep lost thought of sorting through their memories and picking out what they can assert as the “best day of their lives”. As same as everybody else, I too had quite a few good ones that I can decently share with people that I know of but the most memorable thought that I will never forget is during the time that I was in the company of a woman.

Now, I know that most of you will instantly make adequate assumptions in knowing how this story ends and I guess you already know how it does, but the interesting part of it was that I never planned that it would ever happen to me on that day. It all started on a rainy October morning. I just woke up from bed still feeling a bit edgy from drinking with a few friends the night before and was glad that it was a Saturday…”
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