Braffies Spin (2nd Edition)

Title: Braffies Spin (2nd Edition)

Author: Duquay, Eartha
Publisher: Eartha Duquay
Language: English
Subjects: Non Fiction, Autobiography, Biography
Collection: Biographies

Description: The work is divided into 7 parts: Mountbreakday, Abovesallee, Neversell, Fort Notcontest, Dyensell & Mustsell.

In Part One, Mountbreakday, we are introduced to the Knights ‘Mah Risenite’ (alter ego Spin Stands) and ‘Waindhy Fallday’.
Waindhy informs Mah about the fate of Spin Stands, the 19 year old daughter of the Orator ‘Tide’. Mah refuses to accept what Waindhy has to say. “Waindhy’s gold Spearme was an innovative improvement on an ancient weapon.”
This is the beginning of the breakup where one partner finds the news that the relationship has ended so heartbreaking and unbearable that they cannot accept what they have heard.

Part Two, Abovesallee is a time in Spin Stand’s life where she wrongly assumes that her life is a celebration of a happy home and that her life and hence her home is safe from the auctioneers hammer and is above selling. She cannot face into her poor health. “I only tolerate you because you are not long for this world”, the man said icily. She finds the news that the father of the home is leaving and will not return baffling. “I’ve had enough of you!” Tide continued harshly. “I’m leaving and I’m not coming back to this apartment!”

During Part Three, Neversell, Spin still refuses to accept that that she has lost her home and clings to the prospect that her life and home is never sell. As the revelation slowly dawns on her that she is alone, she faces the world outside, finding it initially to be a strange and frightening place.
Even though Spin finds herself “drowning in blinding anxiety,” she tries to discover the reason why her father chose to leave.

During Part Four, we are at Fort Notcontest, the Dyingrounds and the speedy not contested divorce. Spin’s health is extremely poor and she is very sad. To Spin the divorce symbolically is a Requiem. Mah, Spin’s alter ego, now faces into the many Requiem hurdles. Mah wins the Fort Notcontest Games keeping the treasure, the blood stars (the mother gains custody of the children of the marriage). After the Games, Mah takes Spin to the Ropeat on Antarcticwell  (symbolic of prayer). At the Spearme Tournament held at the Keep’s Mahsworth, Mah not wanting Nod to get hurt chooses to forfeit the match (not wanting to fight with her life friend and partner any longer the mother chooses to lose her status and her financial security.) Sheltered in the family home for 19 years, Spin is thrown out into the world. ‘

At Part Five, Drywell, vulnerable and still grieving over her loss, Spin finds herself impoverished, alone and devoid of skills. Her health is failing. No one wants to listen and she can find no help. “Get inside and don’t open your mouth!” growled Hugo. For Spin now and Mah, life threatening danger awaits around every corner. “I can hardly move for lack of oxygen but I’m not dead!”

During Part Six, Dyensell, all are convince that Spin’s life is nearly over and that Mah is dead. The Dying Sell of Spin’s family seems justified to everyone. Once again Spin visits the Ropeat and gains solace.

During Part Seven, Mustsell, Spin once again finds her life threatened. This time from an unexpected source. “Do you want to know who also deceived you, besides me?” Lawrihn said meanly.

Key to understanding Braffis Spin as an autobiography is to know that ALL the characters represent either the husband or the wife (H&W); with the exception of Stepupard (the argument) and (Scarlet Hugo, Tumbleweed, Lawrihn & Panan who represent the type of antagonist). For example:
(H&W) Waindhy & Mah, Notepaper & Raine, Tide & Spin, Graham & Wooidyll, Papisad & Silla, Nod & Treon, Ed & Jani. (H) Chase, Dance, Outof, Brains.

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