Wommack’s The Art of Leadership : Moving from Military to Industry

Title: Wommack’s The Art of Leadership : Moving from Military to Industry

Author: Wommack, David, R.
Publisher: David R. Wommack Publishing
Language: English
Subjects: Non Fiction, Education, Leadership
Collection: Education

Description: As a Captain, Lieutenant, Master Sergeant, Sergeant, or Petty Officer, YOU have more leadership ability than most managers. This book has three purposes: First, it teaches you how your military experience has prepared you to be a leader and successfully transfer those skills to an exciting career in the corporate world. Second, it summarizes the best leadership practices of both the military and corporations, and Third, it helps you find good employer prospects and wow them with your resume and interview skills. It also helps you understand the winning ways of true leaders. Each aspect of quality leadership has its own chapter, with appropriate subheadings.

via Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing – eBooks Author Community RSS Feed http://self.gutenberg.org//eBooks/WPLBN0002828804-Wommack-s-The-Art-of-Leadership—Moving-from-Military-to-Industry-by-Wommack–David–R-.aspx?


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