Murielle in London


For a long time, I have resisted the temptation as I am usually very private. But I must admit, it has become too hard to resist it, so I am joining the blogging revolution!

I intend to use this blogging platform as a reminder of the passing time and of all the things that make me smile or simply feel alive. I do not run after “the likes” and the “follows”. Of course they are welcome but my aim is to share things I like and hopefully make your life a bit better, make you think, learn something new or simply smile.

I have chosen tags that will develop over time. They include:

  •    Food (recipes, anything related to food and drink)
  •    Technology, one of my favourite subjects!
  •    Fun
  •    Reflections (thoughts or thought provoking articles)
  •    Smarter Living, divided into recycling/upcycling, sewing (with a view of mend and upcycle clothes), free books.

I would like to warmly thank the contributors of morgueFile who are making these pages little eye candies (I hope…) and thank the owner of the site for gathering so much talent;)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why did you create this blog?

I started a long time ago but never felt I had the time to dedicate to it (or lack of discipline if I am honest). There are several other reasons:

I am not a social media fan. I am a quiet person and I enjoy more personal interactions. I feel if I were on Facebook I would do a parody of what I wished my life was (hum, isn’t it what most do?). Nothing wrong with social media. I do not think my life is so wonderful I need to bore the world with it. It is my service to humanity! Instead I thought I could have a blog.

Also, on a blog, you have time to reflect without too much interference from the people you know and know you. You can take your time to say what you wish, the way you want to. Less pressure.

A sense of freedom: A blog gathers people around themes or interests they relate to, not because they know you or out of a sense a duty. Visitors follow you because they want to, benefit, somehow from the postings. This works for the blogger too. You have a space that is for you where you can express yourself.

Sense of camaraderie: Having a common interest acts as a bond. Then we understand each other, we can relate. Isn’t it nice to feel understood?

Keep track of my thoughts and links I would like to keep or visit from time to time. Same reason I am on Springpad.

Because life is short, because I needed to remember how beautiful life is. Recently, I lost people I loved, it has shaken me to the core. I needed to remember why life is worth living and carry on in their memory. Now that I feel more together, I want to share, leave my small print in a very humble way.

Please note, I rarely write

Thank you for commending on “my writing” but I actually rarely write. Most of the articles/videos are links to sites or Copy/paste and I state the source or the link. There is little of my writing so far.

How did you do your theme? 

The theme is: Chateau by Ignacio Ricci. I chose it for its style. I changed the header (uploaded several photos, set to random). The pictures are from this site: (morgueFile). I have resized them to 960pxX260px (I think). I then changed the background colour and played with the layout. It works for me, for now.

No donate button?

I will not add any “donate button” as I only refer visitors to articles I have not written myself so it would be taking the credit from the writers.

I also love the idea of sharing for free. This is one aspect of the internet I am passionate about. I also do this for me, as I like keeping articles for reference purposes so I do not feel it would be appropriate to benefit from it. If you feel in a generous mood, give to charity or buy a gift to someone you love.

How can we contact you? Please state in the subject: Murielle’s Blog (easier for me and I will not bin your message by mistake). Since I like sharing, I am not really keen on people emailing when they could have posted, so I leave it to your own judgement. If it can benefit others, then post it, if not, then email me. :)

Interesting links


General and Learning

  • Coursera: Free online courses from many universities
  • Life Hacker: Daily weblog on software and personal productivity recommends downloads, web sites and shortcuts that help you work smarter and save time.
  • TED: Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world
  • – One of the most remarkable online encyclopedias on the Web! All the content is free, in the public domain, and quotable. Wikipedia is maintained by an army of volunteers. Even so, its content remains of very high quality. Wikipedia is a good example of how the Web can function at is best! Be sure to visit whenever you have any question that an encyclopedia might help you answer. You might be surprised how often Wikipedia will come through for you!



  • The World Clock – Time Zones: For those who travel or work with different time zones


  • The Internet Movie Database (IMDB): The most comprehensive film database, includes synopsis, actors biographies, etc.
  • Ebooks Libres et Gratuits: I have proofread a few books posted on the site. Headed by Michel AKA “Coolmicro”, the site posts ebooks in various digital formats. All the books are in the public domain and are scanned, proofread, converted by a group of volunteers.
  • Gutenberg Project: Same spirit as Ebooks Libres et Gratuits but a more “international version”. Links with the Gutenberg Project on which all the books from Ebooks libres are posted and the future books lists are communicated to avoid duplication. There are not many sites that have kept the true spirit of the internet: freedom, cooperation and camaraderie. Both ebook sites have.
  • Grooveshark: For the music lovers


French Cooking Sites



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